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SEAPORT-E - Quality Assurance

XSITE LLC (XSITE) provides expert level engineering services through objective and disciplined engineering as applied to Joint Capabilities Integration Development System and DoD 5000 acquisition life-cycle efforts. We employ mature, proven processes developed as systems engineering and integration practitioners on a range of programs from large, multibillion dollar satellite, C5ISR, and Enterprise Information Systems development programs to agile, turnkey programs, Research and Development efforts, and program specific systems engineering services task orders.

Our credentials and experience, combined with our integrated quality assurance processes, enable us to provide high quality systems engineering, integration, and technical support at a very competitive cost, along with the necessary innovation and performance accountability to ensure value delivery to the customer. Highlights of our quality assurance processes include:

- A business process lifecycle that combines agility with our continual efforts to better define and evolve processes, improve quality and reduce costs which we pass on to our customers. We incorporate best practices and lessons learned using this business lifecycle. 

- Identification of technology investments to increase automation of repeatable tasks, improving service delivery efficiency and enhancing work performance.

- Effective risk and opportunity management to understand and account for potential impacts in planning and managing the program and technical baselines along with quality service delivery to our customers.

- Technical collaboration with the PM/TO Lead to ensure consistent application of technical processes and technical delivery such that we meet or exceed customer requirements. Our engineers and thought leaders are accountable to the customer and the mission for quality assured products, as well as sound recommendations informed by solid data and analysis.

- Institution of internal Engineering Review Boards (ERBs), chaired by the Technical Lead and attended by domain experts (as necessary). The ERB reviews key technical deliverables assuring consistency of quality and that all technical solution requirements are met. Constructive feedback is provided to the deliverable’s responsible engineer and a collaborative effort is taken to address any shortfalls.

- Implementation of mentoring and Peer Reviews as opportunities to conduct interim quality inspections of the work and products as well as gain third-party insights into a technical solution or approach.

XSITE’s specific Quality Assurance Plan is tailored to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, and is specified as part of our execution plan for each task order.Type your paragraph here.


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